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Support IU Rugby


There are two ways your donations can support the club ... BOTH of which are deductible from your federal taxable income. Please also check with your employer for potential matching donations. 

1) Men's Rugby Endowment

Monies donated to the Men's Rugby Endowment remain in the endowment principal account and are invested at a guaranteed 4.5% annual rate of return. This income can be used to support the club's current needs. The principal balance in the Men's Rugby Endowment grows with each donation and will never be touched. Your donation to this account will continue to spin off  monthly income for the club in perpetuity. Our long term plan is to grow the Men's Rugby Endowment over time to a size where there is minimal need for option #2 below.

2) Friends of Hoosier Rugby

Donations through Friends of Hoosier Rugby can be spent immediately by the club to support any current needs. This is our best short term funding option for club activities as we build the Men's Rugby Endowment above. 

NOTE to Indiana Residents:

In addition to Federal deductions, Indiana resident donors may also deduct half their donation directly from their Indiana state tax due (up to $200 max if married). Therefore, a $400 donation may be eligible for a $200 credit from the State of Indiana. Please see this link at for more information. 

No matter which fund you donate to, the donation process will provide you with immediate download of all the receipts and documentation that will qualify you for both federal and Indiana state deductions. 

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